Cold Foamers - All Cold Everything

I was initially intrigued because of all the great fucking humans playing on this album. It's that dark pop sound that Philly continually makes me love. Trembling vocals with solid fuzzy riffs and interesting little quirks within and in between songs. The whole thing has a lot of character. Favorite track is Always.
Here's a trippy vid.


Frankie Cosmos

This lady's got it goin' on. In my mind, I relate her to Alex G. a lot, though her songs are more straight forward. Both artists are extremely prolific with their music for their age and just keep slingin' rad tunes. Greta Kline tells you her secrets, but pairs it with kinda funny lighthearted lyrics that make it relate-able. Not to mention she has such a heavenly voice. Some songs will fill yr heart with such love, and some are so frankly (ha) sad, it'll rip you apart. She helps me through winter. My favorites are Pure Suburb, Donutes, and I'm Sorry I'm Hi Let's Go.



cwabs - jjuices

I've posted these dudes before, but their newest release is so fucking good. The surfy guitar tone alone wins my heart, and lots of be-boops that you can't help but move to. Good music to wake up and get dressed to. They also sampled Twin Peaks, so it's kind of a given that I'm somehow into it. Annnnd just because I featured their previous shit, they sent me a tape for free, what great humans! Check it, and snag a tape.


The Fatty Acids - Leftover Monster

Honestly, I've only really listened hard to the first few songs, because they fucking rule. Synthy garage pop, maybe it'll help you break that winter sadness. They've released a decent amount of music, I'm sure you'll find something you dig.



Krill - Lucky Leaves

This album really grew on me. At first I thought his voice was unsettling, but now I love it. Interesting garage pop jams. Listen to Infinite Power. If you want to feel like a failure, that's your right.



The Halo Benders - The Rebels Not In

I slept on this until this summer for some reason, and that was a poor poor decision. Calvin Johnson and Doug Martsch kill it with the contrast of high and low vocals. I guarantee after a minute of Virginia Reel Around The Mountain, you'll be in.


Gunk - Gradual Shove

 Philly never ceases to amaze me. Always keeping up with the jams. 90's vibes. At least listen to Just A Man, cause damn, that's just gold. A few of these songs have those hidden treasures halfway/toward the end of the song that take it in a place you never saw coming, very worth listening.